Meaning of "guild"

"Guild" is now frequently used to refer to communities of players in MMORPGs and other types of online games. It has its origins in the Middle Ages and was used to designate groups of people with a common activity.


With the possibility of being used for a community site bringing together players from one or more teams through the use of "sub-domains", the GUILD.FR domain name refers, most often, to video games, a very lucrative sector of activity. It is often linked to the values of mutual aid, trade and collective strength. Consisting of only five characters, this domain name is easily memorable.

Extension .fr

The .fr domain is particularly consistent for a website aimed at a French audience, with a premium for local referencing. As are French products, and the trend towards "Made in France", this extension is perceived as a true mark of reliability. Also made up of only two characters, it is easily memorable.

Where to buy this domain name ?

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